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Smart IR Remote Controller

All-in-one IR Remote Control is able to activate Air conditioners, TVs, fans, DVDs, STBs, TV BOXes etc via 'Smart Life' APP wirelessly.

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Smart WiFi Valve

Wi-Fi Smart Water Valve is the home automation valve for gas or water.Automatic irrigation for farmland or water supply for farm.

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Smart Garage Door Opener

With the thickened wire and UL Listed plug,you are able to enjoy the safer handling of the garage door opener anytime,anywhere. 

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WiFi Flood Sensor

WiFi Smart Flood Sensor is a security alarm system that can be used as a home alarm water leakage detector,offering timely flood notification alert when overflow.

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ZigBee Dimmer Switch Module

Build your own smart switch interface, using this easily to control household appliances and even dim them.

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Tuya Zigbee Kit

Tuya Zigbee Gateway Hub,working with Smart Home Automation Scene Security Alarm Kit,like PIR,door&window and temperature&humidity sensor.

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What Our Customers Say

I ordered this to use with my Google Home system. This was easy to install and comes with easy to follow instructions. It fit my wall perfectly.
A few cool things I loved about this is that I can adjust the brightness with my voice and I can set up a schedule to turn it off and on. This is great for when I'm working late and I want to make it look like I am home. I think this feature will also help when I'm out of town to also make it look like I'm home.


They worked just as expected and being able to control it from your phone makes it really convenient when the light switch can be out of your reach most of the time. Bulb produces different colors of light that are adjustable and easy to use. The only annoying thing is that if you manually turn on or turn off your light, it will reset your light switch so you will have to connect it to your phone again and I wish you were able to control it manually and with the phone.


Very easy to set up. Only issue is I’m only able to turn volume up one by one. Everything else is just perfect. I’ve tried several +80usd devices just to turn on my tv and chance channels (Harmony, Fire Stick 4K, Fire Cube) and none seems to work as it should. But this, for 20usd you can turn on tv and with your phone you can control pretty much what’s in the controller.
Hides perfectly behind a floral jar.


I downloaded the Smart Life app for my iPhone to control these bulbs.You have to turn the bulb on and off a few times to get it to become discoverable for the app. I wasn't being patient enough. You have to wait for it to start blinking rapidly, then the app will find it. I like all the different colors and "scenes" available. There are almost endless options! And it's so cool that you can control a light from your phone. Apparently it works with Alexa also.

Saratoga JohnnyB

Finally a 3-way smart switch by Moes. There are more 3 way lights in my house. So I’ve been looking for 3 way smart switches for a long time.and you only need to replace EITHER of the two switches controlling the same light,So far as I know, MOES is the ONLY producer for such kind switch.
According to my previous purchasing experience, the manuals of most smart products are very poor and the installation takes a lot of time and energy. But this MOES 3-way switch manual surprised me, The manual is easy to follow step by step. 


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