How to connect to Alexa?

Step 1. Complete product networking configuration in the App.

Complete the device's networking configuration according to the prompts in the App.

Note: In the App, change the name of the device to an easily identifiable name such as Alexa; names are usually in English, such as "bed light".

Step2. Access the Amazon Alexa app and go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Skills’.

Step3. Enter  ‘Smart Life’ in the search bar on top.

Step4. Select Smart Life and tap ‘Enable’.

Step5. Select your country and enter your Smart Life app account credentials. Tap ‘Link Now’ > ‘Authorise’.

Step6. Your Smart Life app and Alexa app are now officially linked. Tap ‘Done’.

Step7. Tap ‘Discover Devices’ to import your Smart Life app devices to your Alexa account.

Step8. You’ll now see all of your Smart Life app devices on your Alexa homepage.

Step9. Tap ‘Groups’  to organize the apps into groups of functionality, location, etc.

Step10. You can now control your smart devices through Alexa voice commands.


How to connect to Google Assistant?


  1. Make sure the smart device has been added to the Smart Life App and that the device is online.
  2. Make sure the Google Home App is installed.






  1. Click Me in the bottom right corner, click Google Assistant, click Link with Google Assistant
  1. The Smart Life App will pull up the Google Home App, click Link



  1. Click Agree and Link
  1. Wait for it to finish loading and your smart device will be synced to Google Assistant. Now you can use Google Assistant or Google Home App to control your smart devices. Next, you can assign rooms to your devices in the Google Home App.