WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes
WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes
WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes
WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes
WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes
WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes
WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor - Moes

WiFi Smart USB Flood Sensor


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WiFi Smart Flood Sensor Water Leakage Detector Flood Overflow Alert Security Alarm System Tuya/Smart Life App Remote Control

by Moes

Main Features:

1.Smart Home Automation:A really good assistant for your smart house,no more worry about the flood with the sensitive sensing,protecting your home and valuables from annoying leaks and dangerous floods,whether it's a dripping sink under the bathroom cabinet,a burst pipe in the basement,or a severe weather event.

2.Real-time remote monitoring:Whenever and wherever you are, Once Flood Sensor detects water overflow or water leak, you will receive a notification by smartphone. Keep your house safe all the time.

3.Easy to operate:No hub required,and simple download the "Smartlife"app on iOS and Android.

4.Wide Applications:Apply the smart flood sensor to different scenes,your garage,bathroom,kitchen and anywhere with water you like,keeping your house away from flood danger with a linkage of the smart flood sensor.(Note:Use the sensor with your smart valve together to intelligently control the irrigation condition,which enables real-time monitor and the valve will close automatically when water leaks.)

5.Two Standards Optional:One is used with the battery,and the other shall be charged with the USB to use.And the battery is not included in the package,you need a self-purchase.And the USB is included in the package when you choose this type.Besides,this smart sensor is only available for 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Package Listing:



1*user manual



Battery capacity:500mA

Power Input:5V/1A

Working Current:10uA

Connection Method:2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n


1. Q:The device fails to be added in account?

A: 1.Make sure the wifi network is 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz.

    2.Make sure the device works with the App in same wifi configuration mode:EZ or AP.

    3.Make sure the input SSID and password of the wifi network are correct.

    4.Make sure the wifi internet is working fine.

    5.Make sure the device is powered on.

2. Q:The device does not change while the water leak is detected?

A:1.Make sure the device is in your main device list in APP.

   2.Make sure the device is powered on.

   3.Make sure the wifi internet is working fine.

   4.Make sure the mobile phone internet connection is available.

3. Q:The notification can not be alerted on APP with my android system?

A: 1.Make sure the alarm setting in APP is enabled.

    2.Make sure the push notification is enabled for this APP for android system.

    3.Make sure the notification setting is different from the version of android system and the model phone.

4. Q:Does is work with Amazon Alexa?

A:Yes,it’s compatible with Alexa,as well as Google Home.

5. Q:Do I need to buy the battery by myself if I choose the battery type?

A:Yes,the battery is not included in the package and you need a self-purchase of it.(Support 2*AAA battery powered.)

6. Q:What is the function of the Push button on the sensor?

A:It is a network register button that displays the LED light and you can also choose settings tap on top right corner on the App and turn on the push notification.